ALK Plumbing & Drainage offers a prompt and professional drain lining and pipe re-lining service in Benfleet and all the surrounding areas in Essex preventing the need to have full excavation.

Rather than replacing the faulty pipe, a new pipe is carefully moulded onto the existing pipe, which rectifies the damage that has caused the trouble. There are a variety of methods to re-line a pipe; therefore, we will choose a suitable material for your pipe that will be selected based on the surroundings of your property.

Drain re-lining is a more affordable method in comparison to having your drains excavated and replaced. It is far less disruptive and it is equally effective at restoring your pipes. It ensures that your pipes are significantly strength and they are more resilient to any leakage.

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Drain Lining & Pipe Re-Lining Essex

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Drain and Pipe Re-Lining Services - Benfleet, Essex (UK)