Natural Sink Unblocker | The Best Homemade Drain Unblockers

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Natural Sink Unblocker | The Best Homemade Drain Unblockers

Homemade Sink Unblocker: The Best 7 Natural Drain Unblockers
Natural Sink Unblocker | The Best Homemade Drain Unblockers
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Useful as they are, drains have a tendency to block, and any homeowner who experiences this is going to want to find a solution.

If you have concerns about using conventional drain unblockers, below are seven products — some of which you may already have in the house — that can help to free any blockages you are experiencing and keep your drains flowing.

Homemade Sink Unblocker #1 – Boiling Water

homemade sink unblocker

Boiling water is particularly effective if the issue is a new one that is occurring on a drain that has never proven to be problematic before.

The sudden onset means that the cause of the clog is likely fairly recent, which should make it easier to wash away.

The fact the water is boiled means there is a higher likelihood of being able to dissolve a recent clog.

How To Use

● Fill your kettle to the maximum and set it to boil,
● Wait around one minute after the kettle has boiled to avoid risk of pipe damage,
● Pour the water directly down the drain,
● Leave for 10 minutes, then run water to see if the drain blockage has cleared.

If that doesn’t do the trick, try option two…

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Homemade Sink Unblocker #2 – Bicarbonate of Soda

Good old bicarb has a thousand different uses around the house, so it should come as no surprise that it can also be used for clearing drains.

You can use dilute bicarb water if you wish, but this will not be particularly effective; the major power of bicarb is how abrasive it is, which means it can help clear food and oil blockages.

How To Use

● Pour a small amount of bicarb down an affected drain. Note: the drain should be clear of water when you do this, as the bicarb will just dissolve in standing water.
● Use a plunger over the drain immediately after pouring bicarb down. The suction action plus the abrasive bicarb should help to loosen clogs,
● Rinse the drains and see if the solution has worked.

Still nothing? Onwards we go, then…

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Homemade Sink Unblocker #3 – White Vinegar

white vinegar drain unblock

White vinegar is often used in combination with bicarb to create a ‘fizzing’ action that is meant to help clear drains.

It is always worth trying this — especially if you have already tried bicarb by itself — but vinegar offers some powerful properties in and of itself.

How To Use

● Dilute the vinegar into a 50:50 solution with water; boiling water is best,
● Pour the solution into the affected drain,
● Wait for 15 minutes,
● Pour more hot water (this time without the vinegar) into the drain

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Homemade Sink Unblocker #4 – Citric Acid

citric acid for homemade sink unblocker

Citric acid is often using for canning as well as bath bombs, so it’s fair to say its usages are rather varied!

How To Use

● Pour a small amount (a mugful will suffice) of citric acid powder into the drain,
● Leave for at least 10 minutes,
● Add boiling water,
● Rinse through with cold water.

You can also combine bicarb with the citric acid if you want to double-down on the chances of success.

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Homemade Sink Unblocker #5 – Washing Up Liquid

washing up liquid to unblock sink

Many of the major kitchen drain problems you experience will be caused by fats and oils, which washing up liquid is specifically designed to combat.

How To Use

● Mix a 75:25 solution of washing up liquid with water,
● Pour down the drain,
● Wait for 30 minutes,
● Rinse through with boiling or hot water

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Homemade Sink Unblocker #6 – Sea Salt

sea salt sink unblocker

By itself, sea salt is not particularly effective for drain cleaning.

However, if you add it into another of the options above — and particularly with the washing up liquid — it can act as an abrasive that dissolves relatively slowly (and especially when compared to baking soda).

How To Use

● Mix a 75:25 solution of washing up liquid with water,
● Add a tablespoon of salt per 50ml of mixed solution,
● Pour down the drain,
● Wait for 30 minutes,
● Rinse through with boiling or hot water.

If the above options still aren’t shifting your problem, then you may need to move onto the most powerful of the at-home solutions: caustic soda.

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Homemade Sink Unblocker #7 – Caustic Soda

Caustic soda (also called soda crystals; available in stores such as Wilko) is a component of conventional drain cleaning products, but you can try it by yourself.

Caustic soda has an exothermic reaction when combined with water, meaning it heats and produces a “fizz”– which might just clear your blockage.

Always wear protective equipment when handling caustic soda.

How To Use

● Use one part caustic soda for every four parts of water,
● Combine these together and stir with a wooden spoon only; do not use any other material to stir this solution!
● Pour the solution down the drain as quickly as possible after combining the two ingredients,
● Wait for 30 minutes,
● Rinse the drain clear.

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Homemade Sink Unblocker #8 – Wire Hanger Method

Coat hanger isolated on plain background

Another way to fix a blockage involves a wire hanger, hot water and some time. If you straighten out the hanger and shape it into a hook on one side you can use this tool to fish out anything that is causing a block however be careful that you are not pushing the block further down the toilet.

Homemade Sink Unblocker #9 – Rubber Plunger

rubber plunger sink drain unblock

Last but not least is the rubber plunger method, fill your drain halfway with water and use the plunger slowly to unblock the drain.

If you have tried all of the options above, then your next step is to call in a professional who can examine the blocked drain and help to shift the blockage once and for all.

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