Wet Room Shower Installation & Plumbing Tips

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Wet Room Shower Installation & Plumbing Tips

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Wet rooms are indeed getting more and more popular in and around the UK and people are simply loving the idea of having wet rooms in their house. But as it is something which is new to the block, most of them remain confused about which designs to use or how to go about the installation and plumbing necessities of the wet room.

People also wonder whether they can have wet rooms in any kind of bathroom designs, for which the answer is simply yes! Wet rooms are a kind of shower area that can be added to your already beautiful washrooms or can be pulled of individually as well.

If you attach the shower area in the bathroom itself then partitioning it with glass or wooden blocks is indeed a nice idea that people can go with. The shower installation basics include having waterproof floors, proper drainage systems, strong plumbing, etc. We will discuss these factors in details below.

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The water drainage system is the most important factor to look out for when you install a wet room shower.

Well, it is evident that no matter how good a wet room you build, if the drainage facilities are not well taken care of then chances of blocked pipeline and irregular drainage activities are high. Even before setting up the wet room, you must ensure proper drainage facilities that include improvisation of pipelines of high quality that do not get damaged with the longer inflow of water through it.

It must always be done through experienced professionals as it is the main foundation for building a proper wet room. If in future you face any issue with the drainage system then fixing it can be a really tough job when the entire wet room is set up all furnished and stuffed!

In some cases, people do opt for readymade gradients using sub-floors but the longevity of it is far less than the manual drainage systems. Also, the wet room users must keep in mind not to throw anything solid through the pipeline other than wastewater of course, so that it does not clog the pipeline.

The best-suited surface materials to be used in wet rooms :

With no doubt, tiles are always the best options for flooring of the wet room or making up the wall design. But these days, people are indeed pulling off other surface materials to a much higher extent. The likes of using a vinyl sheet, concrete waterproof plasters, corian, etc. are indeed liked by people while opting for wall or floor designing of the wet rooms. Even if you swear by tiles only, you can choose from the ranges of porous and non-porous to prevent water damages or to provide a classy look to the wet room floorings.

How is it to use underfloor heating in the wet rooms?

In most cases, the flooring is made waterproof to prevent it from getting damaged with the regular splashing of water on the surface. But in instances where the flooring is not made waterproof, the likes of it getting damaged are indeed high as compared to the waterproof wet room floorings.

So, it is well recommended to use underfloor heating so as to dry the floors conveniently after every use. When it is done regularly, the chances of water damaging the floor tiles or the other flooring surfaces drops down to a generous level. It is beneficial in protecting the floor surface from any harm caused by the water and maintain the good condition for long.

Other important shower installations and plumbing tips include :

  • The shower fittings must be chosen carefully as to whether you want them to be concealed or keep them exposed. It is advisable to go the former way as it looks more attractive when the wet room is free of the fittings visually but you can also go with traditional looks of keeping them exposed.
  • You can also include bathtubs and shower areas in a single wet room if you have the required spaces. It actually helps you get the taste of both the worlds in the wet room and you can use them according to your mood and requirements.
  • Glass partitions are so passé, instead, try on some tiled partition or blocked partition to add volume to the wet room design.
  • Choose a modern and sleek drainage system to ensure you wet room adds value to the house.
  • Also, allocate a corner for storing the bathing essentials as they are the basic necessities that cannot be missed out totally on a wet room

So, these were the most coveted ideas and tips regarding the wet room plumbing and shower installation features. You still have the choice to consult the experts or emergency plumbers in the profession for a better understanding of the wet room installation process.

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