What is a Wet Room & Why Is It a Great Bathroom Option?

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What is a Wet Room & Why Is It a Great Bathroom Option?

What is a Wet Room & Why Is It a Great Bathroom Option?
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Wet rooms are a popular invention, but what is a wet room bathroom and why should you install one?

What is a Wet Room?

A wet room is a waterproof – or tanked – bathroom. The shower area is open or behind a wall and the floor is completely flat with a drain so the water can drain off the bathroom wet room floor.

Do You Have to Tank a Wet Room?

Many of you may be wondering, what is tanking a wet room? To tank a wet room means that you are waterproofing a wet room bathroom.

During the process of tanking a wet room, the walls and floors are sealed with either matting or waterproof boarding. This helps to prevent water from seeping out.

Can You Have a Bath in a Wet Room?

While wet room design ideas can include baths, wet rooms are mainly designed excluding the bath since they have an open shower.

Can You Have a Toilet in a Wet Room?

Toilets can be included in wet rooms, but if you are going to be installing a small wet room, or your bathroom wet room ideas has the shower sitting near the toilet, sometimes it is recommended to install a shower screen to avoid the toilet or your personal items from getting wet.

Can You Have a Wet Room Upstairs?

Walk in wet rooms can be fitted on any floor of your home.

Does a Wet Room Add Value to My Property?

Installing a wet room to your property, will in fact add value to your home.

The reasons for this are because you are adding a waterproof surface to the room in your home that is most likely to suffer from water damage. Additionally, the floor in your tiled wet room should be slightly tilted, to help the water drain away through the drain in the floor.

Does a Wet Room Need Building Regulations?

When fitting a wet room, there are many building regulations you must consider first.

These cover the wet room renovation, ventilation for the wet room, drainage in the wet room along with electrical risks and regulations in the wet room.

How Does a Wet Room Work?

The flooring for wet rooms along with the walls of the wet room are all tiled and sealed so that the wet room shower is waterproof.

Meanwhile, the flooring for wet room showers is tilted, so that the water will all pour down the wet room floor drain.

Pros & Cons of a Wet Room

There are many wet room advantages and disadvantages.

Wet Room Advantages:

  • One of the main advantages of a wet room is that even if you are disabled, this style of shower room is easily accessible.
  • Small wet room designs are perfect for bathrooms that don’t have a lot of space.
  • Cleaning a wet room is much easier in comparison to cleaning a regular bathroom.
  • The original flooring in your wet room will be much more protected thanks to the waterproof surface of the flooring.


Meanwhile, the disadvantages of creating a wet room include:

  • Items such as towels, toilet roll and personal items can easily get wet because of the spray from the shower.
  • You will need to pay for professional wet room fitters to tank your wet room.
  • Tiling in your wet room must cover floor to ceiling to avoid any water damage, which makes this a very expensive job.

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