10 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your House Plumbing

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10 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your House Plumbing

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Owning a house is one of the greatest achievements to accomplish in life. It’s a dwelling place where you can do all the things that matter in life without any misgivings. However, things will not always run smoothly inside your house. There comes a time when you will have to deal with plumbing issues.

When plumbing issues occur, it is wise and beneficial to have basic know-how of your plumbing structure and the common problems. You will be required to gather robust information on replumbing a house. You have to have an understanding of the systems in your home. In addition, you need to have immense knowledge of pipes and other components that will aid to solve the plumbing problems at hand.

Before you think of new plumbing pipe, you have to keep in mind that your home plumbing system is built of

  • Drinkable Water Supply

This is the plumbing system that provides you with fresh and clean water. Some of the plumbing systems hooked up to clean water are; toilets, bathtubs and showers, kitchen sinks, washing machines and all areas of the house that receive potable running water.

  • The Drainage System

This is the system that allows contaminated water to drain into the septic systems. All the waste water is carried through the drainage system to the sewer and leave your home in tip-top condition. Your house plumbing requires frequent maintenance to rest assured of optimal water flow in both the drainage and potable water systems.

Replacing house plumbing is a task that you can do it yourself, but it can also be a costly affair. If you cannot undertake this project on your own, it is wise to always seek the services of professional plumbers and replace plumbing in old house.

Even if you are doing it yourself, update plumbing can wreak your bank accounts. There is no set cost for replacing damaged plumbing systems. However, there are factors you should consider before you involve any plumbing professionals.

You also need to have an estimate for the cost to replace water pipes in house. These estimates will help you stay on budget, and rest assured of fitting completion of the project. Factors that will influence the cost to replace water pipes in home include;

  • How sturdy and well-built are your house pipes.
  • Size of your home and entire plumbing system.
  • The construction style of your house.
  • Materials to use in the entire replacement project.

To reduce the cost of plumbing, it is great if you can undertake these tasks on yourself. However, if you finding challenging, it’s time to figure out how to replace plumbing pipes professionally. Plumbing pipes will not replace themselves.

Here are signs that will tell you that it’s time to replace old plumbing pipes;

 1. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes is an all-around problem that can be costly, if not given due attention. Pipe leakage is a serious plumbing issue that can severely affect your entire house. Don’t ignore even a minor leakage as it can even weaken the entire house and cost extra funds for nice pipes update.

To easily detect leaking pipes, you have to determine how you expect the plumbing in your house to last. Supply pipes made of brass and copper are expected to last for many decades than those made from galvanized steel.

Copper water pipe lifespan can stretch from 80 to 100 years. This does not mean you don’t have to keep an eye on your pipes. Frequent and thorough check-ups can help reduce the cost to replace galvanized pipes.

 2. Running Toilets

There is nothing worse than coming into contact with dirty water clogged in your washrooms. A running toilet is a major cause of high water bills as hundreds of water gallons can be lost if such a plumbing problem occurs. You have to figure out how long do cast iron pipes last, as they are mostly used in the drainage system and replace them.

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 3. Low Water Pressure

Many cast iron pipes in old houses contribute to low water pressure. These iron pipes are easily affected by corrosion and harmful deposits that form inside the pipes. This leads to lack of enough space for water to pass through to desired destinations and at the appropriate speed.

You can go on replacing cast iron pipe with PVC. And if the pipes are not the cause of low water pressure, you can also check kitchen taps or showerheads for any clogged residues.

 4. Clogged and Slow Drains

In most cases, drainage systems get clogged, and it becomes hard for the pipes to carry away the waste residues. This is a common plumbing problem that you need to solve immediately even if you will have to break your account.

A clogged drain will not even allow you to think about how much to replace plumbing in a house as the damage is unbearable. You can clean the drain on the sinks, bathrooms or toilets on your own or seek professional assistance. It is advisable to also practice effective preventive measures before you think of replacing clogged galvanized water pipes.

 5. Dripping Faucets

leaky faucetDripping faucets are a common cause of high water bills in many homes. Before you even figure out how to change plumbing pipes, you have to look at the key causes of dripping and leaky faucets. Leaky faucets could be as a result of damaged parts of the system, worn out cartridge, too high water pressure or broken plumbing causing cracks.

 6. Sump Pump Failure

You don’t expect your sump pump to fail. However, the unexpected happens and you need to ascertain the cause of such problem before you think of replacing PVC pipe. Sump pump failure can be as a result of power shortages, improper installation, clogged discharge pipes and lack of maintenance.

 7. Failing Water Heater

When you can’t find warm water in the showers, the importance of a water heater is always brought into perspective. You need to find the cause of the problem right away. In most cases, plumbing problems can lead to a failing water heater.

You will know your water heater is not working properly if it is making a popping sound, leaking or keeps tripping the circuit breaker. As you estimate the cost to redo plumbing in old house, keep in mind that you also need professional assistance to repair your damaged water heater.

 8. Discolouration of  Water

Discoloured water at home is usually an issue for concern. Such a problem may be as a result of corrosion in your pipes, and you will notice coloured stains in your bathtub and sinks. This means you have iron in your water.

Replacing old cast iron drain pipes can be the chief solution to solving this problem. It is advisable to replace galvanized pipes with PVC pipes that do not easily corrode.

 9. Uneven distribution of Water

Corrosion accumulates unevenly in the plumbing system and many parts of the house may not get the desired amount of water. Here, you need to ask yourself, what are old plumbing pipes made of? If you are using galvanized pipes, you need to replace them with pipes that don’t easily rust and cause blockage.

 10. Noisy Pipes

Noisy water pipes are a clear indication your plumbing system is compromised, and you need to redo plumbing. Noisy pipes are the common cause of damage to joints in the water pipes. Copper pipes tend to expand when hot water passes through, and cause noisily rub against your water systems.

Hence, you need to replace copper with PVC and solve the problem. Also, ensure the pressure is not too high in your potable water system and solve the noise issue.

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Why Go for PVC Pipes

pvc pipesThe very first time you figure out what causing plumbing problems, it is wise to take immediate action. It starts by estimating how much does it cost to replace, and get the right material for plumbing. Many homeowners are these days running away from galvanized plumbing as it is the major cause of low water pressure, water discoloration, unexpected leakage and uneven water distribution.

PVC pipes have provided homeowners a reliable solution to their plumbing woes. To evade all problems associated with using galvanized pipes, don’t focus on galvanized plumbing replacement cost. Get the best plumbing pipes and solve the problem once and for all. You need to opt for PVC pipes because;

  • They are corrosive resistance

If you are fed up with old water pipes corrosion, it’s time to go for indisputably corrosive resistant PVC plumbing pipes. PVC pipes are invulnerable to internal and external corrosion meaning that they will provide your home with safe drinking water.

  • Guarantee reduce blockage and failures

PVC pipes provide smooth lining when compared to copper, and the lining helps reduce water flow resistance ensuring the piped water reaches desired destination successfully and with proper pressure. With such a merit in mind, it should not be hard to figure out how to change copper pipe to PVC.

  • Quick to install

Replacing galvanized drain pipes with PVC should not be a costly affair, as it is easy to install these pipes. You will take less time to install PVC pipes than the same size galvanized pipes or concrete pipes.

  • Come with leak-free joints

PVC pipes have leak-free joints that eliminate water loss and their ultra-smooth surface helps reduce pumping costs.

  • Lower cost

You may focus on the cost of replacing galvanized drain pipe with PVC, and forget that PVC pipes offer significant cost-saving opportunities. You will spend less on PVC pipes installation, transport and still enjoy increased productivity.

It is also much cheap to maintain PVC pipes. Feel free changing galvanized pipes to PVC as PVC plumbing offers what no other plumbing material can guarantee.

Replacing galvanized water pipes cost should not hinder you from making the first step towards solving house plumbing problems. With a rough estimate of the cost, you can also know the kind of material to purchase and figure out whether to seek professional help or do it yourself.

You also need some pipe cleaning basics to rest assured of an effective plumbing system. How to clean PVC water pipes in house should not be a daunting task, if you understand the procedure. It all starts by being familiar with different pipe materials used in home plumbing.

If you have replaced galvanized steel pipes with PVC pipes, lucky you. Besides easily installing these pipes, it is also easy to clean them. You can use chemical drain cleaners, boiling water, hand plunger or power rod the pipes. If you don’t know how to replace galvanized drain pipe with PVC, there is no need to fret. There is a professional plumber waiting for your call.

The Bottom Line

Your plumbing system is an important part of your home, and you should invest in this area wisely. Regular maintenance is imperative. And if you need plumbing services, ALK Plumbers are here to help. We have a team of experts plumbers in essex who are licensed and professional trained to solve your plumbing woes. They will give you an estimate on how much to replace plumbing and guarantee quality and budget-friendly repair and installation services. Contact us today and learn more about house plumbing.

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