Items to Avoid Putting in The Drains | Infographic

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Items to Avoid Putting in The Drains | Infographic

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Items to Avoid Putting in The Drains | Infographic
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Who loves clogged drains? No one indeed. Poor maintenance of sink drains can result into nightmares like clogged sink.

Following certain sink unblocker tips can be work as wonders to get rid of the clogged substances. When concerned about sink drain maintenance one must also take precaution to avoid getting to situations like this. We often ignore the fact that our bad habits could eventually land us in certain plumbing troubles.

One can just keep in mind some things that must be avoided to drain through the sink. Allowing any kind of oily substances or cooking grease can clog the sink as oils and grease sit on the surface of the pipes and doesn’t get washed of easily. Also, hairs are proven culprits when allowed to flow through the sink can clog bad as they easily tend to form the knots and clumps resulting in to avoid this you can use a mesh net to collect the hairs.

Large or small food particles must be restricted to enter the sink. Just like food item paper towel disposal into sink is not a good idea. Any type of chemicals or cosmetics can easily react with surface of the pipe and result in some serious unwanted situation.

That said, if you still end up with a blocked sink needing emergency sink unblocker services, call us today. ALK Plumbing & Drainage as emergency plumbers in Essex and its surrounding areas offer 24-hour local plumbing services that you can call anytime you want. Whether it is a leaking toilet repair or a clogged sink or bath fixture, ALK has you covered.   

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