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New Boiler Installation Chelmsford
Boiler installation chelmsford
Gas Safe boiler engineers in Chelmsford

Local Boiler Installer in Chelmsford

Having a fully functioning and reliable boiler sits pretty high on most people’s list of absolute essentials in the home. Providing you with a cosy warm house in the chilly seasons and a year-round supply of hot water, being without a boiler is utterly incomprehensible for most of us.

Sadly, like most things we cherish, a boiler’s existence is finite and there comes a time when we have to retire our faithful friend and fill the void they leave with a newer, more dependable iteration.

If this tragedy has recently befallen you then it’s probably time to start looking at a new boiler and ALK are here to guide you through this difficult time.

ALK plumbing and drainage are your first choice when it comes to a new boiler installation or boiler replacement in Chelmsford.

All of our heating specialists are Gas Safe registered, giving you complete peace of mind that all heating services will be carried out by experienced and fully qualified heating engineers.

Boiler Installation and Replacement Services

Having a Gas Safe registered engineer installing your boiler is not just a recommendation, it’s a legal requirement. Previously named “Corgi” the Gas Safe Register is an extensive list of every heating engineer in the UK who has been trained and authorised to work and install boilers as well as gas fires, cookers and other gas equipment.

  • Once registered, Gas Safe registered engineers are issued a unique ID making them identifiable across the gas industry as being a safe and proficient installer.
  • A boiler that has been installed by a company who don't have Gas Safe registered engineers will pose a significant risk to you and your household. The repercussions could be potentially fatal.
  • There’s no compromise when it comes to the safe installation of boilers, so don’t take the risk and make sure your installation is carried out by one of the qualified professionals at ALK.

ALK put safety above everything and having all our engineers Gas Safe trained is only the beginning of our commitment to safety. Our engineers regularly undergo safety training and refresher courses to ensure that all work they carry out not only meets the regulatory standard but also reflects our own stringent code of conduct.

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New boiler installation company Chelmsford Essex

Instances when you might need a new boiler

  • Your current boiler is over 10 years old: on the surface, it may seem that your old boiler is still running fine, but, like any machine that’s used daily, eventually it will wear out to a point beyond repair. Additionally, old boilers that are 10 years old or over won’t contend with newer models when it comes to energy efficiency and could be contributing to an increase in your energy bills.
  • It’s making loud or unusual sounds: a boiler that’s functioning correctly should be discreet and unobtrusive. Any hissing, knocking or grinding is a sign that something is running amok and it's probably time to get your boiler serviced.
  • You’re constantly getting it repaired: during the annual service of your boiler, the heating engineer should advise you of any problems and repair it where necessary. However, there will come a time when, despite all of the repairs, the boiler will need to be replaced - you can only fix something so much.
  • It’s started to leak: a leaking boiler cannot be ignored, especially if it’s leaking carbon monoxide. If you suspect your boiler of leaking fluid or gas, then you’ll need to arrange for a plumber to come and inspect it ASAP. It may be repairable but a replacement is highly recommended in this instance.
  • Irregular water temperature: the sign of a correctly functioning boiler is a consistent and reliable temperature. When it starts taking a very long time for your boiler to get hot or the water temperature fluctuates between hot and cold, it could signal the imminent demise of your boiler.

Despite the fact that boilers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all fall into one of two categories. The type you require is determined by your current heating system and other factors.

Different types of boiler for your central heating system

Due to the variations in shape, size and style you’d be forgiven for thinking that there are many different types of boiler, however, all boilers actually fall into one of two categories: conventional boilers or combination boilers.

The type you need will depend on your heating requirements, the size of your home and your boiler needs.

Conventional boilers

These boiler systems work in unison with a large tank that will hold a supply of water. This hot water tank is linked to a cold water tank that supplies it before the contents are heated.

In this setup, you will usually have two large tanks (the cold one is normally installed in a loft space) and, of course, the boiler. This means that a conventional set-up will take up more space in your home but has the advantage of giving you a reserve of hot water should your boiler fail

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Combination boiler

A combination or combi boiler heats water directly from the source and does not hold it anywhere until you need it - it’s delivered on demand.

Combi boilers are a great option for smaller households in Chelmsford as they take up less room. Plumbing them in is often less complex than a conventional solution and could cost you less when it comes to the installation of your new central heating system.

ALK are specialists in fitting both conventional boilers and combi boilers and can even help you decide which is the best option for you. Get in touch with us today for expert advice and a free quote.

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Boiler company chelmsford

How much do boiler installations cost?

Boiler installation costs will vary depending on the boiler you choose, the complexities of the central heating system installation and a few other factors.

ALK’s products and services are always affordable and competitively priced. We have a boiler solution to match any budget.

Speaking with a member of our team in Chelmsford will give you a clearer idea around how much you can expect to pay. Contact us today and we can help you with your enquiry.

Boiler Replacement in Chelmsford

Anyone looking for a new boiler installation in Chelmsford can feel assured that ALK plumbing and drainage are a heating company that will cover their needs when it comes to boiler installation or boiler repair.

With many years of experience and a reputation for quality, our boiler installers in Chelmsford pride themselves on their exemplary workmanship and professional service. We cover combi boiler installations in Chelmsford and conventional boiler installations in Chelmsford too.

Experts in central heating systems, having your boiler installed by one of our fully trained Gas Safe engineers or having them carry out your boiler servicing will give you peace of mind. Our Chelmsford gas services are wide-ranging and our heating engineers are ready to help you with your annual boiler service and talk you through our full range of new boilers and new boiler fitting.

Quotes and advice come free of charge! So enquire today by calling 0800 328 2489.

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