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Boiler Installation Essex
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Boiler Installation in Essex

When it comes to running a home, one of the most crucial aspects is making sure you have a working boiler. Your boiler provides you with hot water and a warm house, and nobody wants to be without that! Now get your boiler installed by the best gas boiler installers.

If you’re having an issue with your boiler or are looking for a new boiler installation in Essex. ALK are the team to call. ALK are the top boiler installation specialists in Essex. Thanks to experienced & qualified Gas Safe engineers, you will never be without hot water or heating.

Boiler Engineer Essex

To ensure your safety, every heating engineer working in your home must be Gas Safe registered. The Gas Safe Register (previously Corgi) is the UK's official gas registration body. Gas Safe Register is an official list of gas engineers who are certified to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires, and other gas equipment. The registration gives them an ID card that shows they are qualified to do safe installations and have a level of proficiency acceptable to the industry association. If you have any doubts about a gas engineer's credentials, you may quickly check their status on the Gas Safe Register by visiting www.gassaferegister.co.uk.

How Are You Protected By The Gas Safe Register?

  • A Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer can securely install a boiler system or central heating systems because they are competent and experienced.
  • Find out if the company or engineer is Gas Safe registered. (www.gassaferegister.co.uk)
  • There is a Registered Legal Body to protect you in case something goes wrong.

All ALK engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

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New boiler installation company Essex

Do you need a new boiler?

If your boiler needs constant maintenance, makes strange noises, struggles to heat your home, or is generally unreliable.

We're so used to being warm that a boiler failure feels catastrophic. But they don't last forever, so if yours is acting up, it might be time to replace it.

Signs you may need a new boiler:

  • Strange sounds. Older boilers may have worn-out parts that can be replaced, but a new boiler may be more cost-effective. If your boiler is making knocking, popping, or hissing noises when it is on, you should have it checked out by an engineer.
  • It's always broken. An approved plumber or gas safety professional should service your boiler annually. They may advise replacement if the boiler is nearing its end of life, but if they are constantly changing parts or repairing the boiler, it is time to replace it.
  • If your boiler is over ten years old, consider replacing it. Even if it works perfectly, it will eventually fail. Plus, a new boiler is probably more efficient. Getting a new one may seem costly, but it may save you money in the long run by saving you money on your gas costs.
  • It's leaking. An immediate investigation is required since not only may water damage your property, but also carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal.
  • Water temperature varies. If your hot water takes a long time to heat up or runs hot and cold while running a sink or bath, you may need to replace your boiler.

Despite the fact that boilers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all fall into one of two categories. The type you require is determined by your current heating system and other factors.

Conventional Boiler

A standard boiler is linked to a storage tank that holds hot water. The hot water tank is coupled to a cold water tank, which is often located in your home's loft. There is a delay after the hot water tank is empty because it is filled with water from the cold tank and heated.

Conventional boilers take up more room, which may not be an issue if you don't use your loft. But conventional boiler installations are more difficult to install and thus more expensive than a combination boiler.

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Combination Boiler

Combi boilers don't have a storage tank and instead heat water directly from the mains. They deliver on-demand hot water and are perfect for compact homes. They are commonly mounted on the wall of a kitchen or an airing cupboard, but they can be installed in an acceptable location.

Combi boilers need less plumbing than traditional boilers, making installation easier and less expensive.

Different boilers are suited to different households and their individual requirements. Get in touch with our ALK specialist engineers today. They can office you expert advice and guidance on the right boiler for your home.

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Boiler company essex

How much does a boiler cost?

The cost of a new boiler installation can vary depending on factors such as the type of boiler, boiler location, a brand of boiler, and others.

We are confident that we have a boiler that will fit your budget. To inquire about pricing, please opt for boiler installation service or visit our contact page.

We provide a no-obligation price quote for all items provided and all required works on boiler installations project throughout Essex and the surrounding area, based on a competitive and honest pricing structure.

Boiler Replacement Essex

The important things to remember when it comes to a boiler installation in Essex are that different homes have different requirements and that it is essential to have them installed by a professional Gas Safe Registered Engineers.

We have our boiler installation and boiler replacement services in all over the Essex including Basildon, Billercay, Brentwood, Southend, Romford, Chelmsford, etc.

ALK provide free quotes and expert advice. Call or enquire at 0800 328 2489 today to start reaping the benefits of boiler installation can bring you

We also provide boiler installation in Chelmsford and boiler servicing in Chelmsford.

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