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Emergency Plumbers Chelmsford
1-Hour Emergency Response in All Plumbing / Drainage Problems
Emergency Plumbers in Chelmsford

We Take Our 1-Hour Emergency
Local Plumbers Chelmsford Response Time Seriously!

Emergency Plumbing Services in Chelmsford

Do you require an Emergency Plumber in Chelmsford? ALK Plumbers are 24 hour emergency plumbers in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas

An emergency plumbing issue is enough to ruin your day. If you need an emergency plumber in Chelmsford, ALK Plumbing and Drainage will come to your rescue. With our dedicated, qualified and experienced team, you can count on us to tackle any emergency plumbing issue all across Essex, no matter how big or small.

We offer a comprehensive range of emergency plumbing services as plumbers in the Chelmsford area, from unblocking drains and blocked toilets to 24-hour emergency drainage. If you desperately need a plumber, get in touch with us today and have a emergency plumber Chelmford deal with the issue as soon as possible.

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Local Plumber in Chelmsford

Our 24-hour plumbing service is available to you whenever you need it. We have set a 1-hour response time for plumbing emergencies in Chelmsford, and we aim to take it seriously. We recognise that it's important to deal with plumbing issues as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and to ensure you can keep using your facilities as normal.

Every minute that you're waiting for someone to repair your issue is another minute when you may be unable to use your bathroom or kitchen sink. We'll always respond swiftly to any callout, ready with everything we need to address your problem.

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Local Plumber in Chelmsford

FREE call-outs for 24 Hour Plumber Chelmsford, which saves you money in an emergency problem

Plumbers Chelmsford Essex & the Surroundings

An honest, reliable and affordable plumbing service

It's not just timeliness and fast response times that we pride ourselves on at ALK Plumbing and Drainage as 24 hour plumbers. Getting a job done quickly can sometimes mean delivering subpar service, but that's not the case with our emergency plumbing repairs. We work quickly and efficiently to deliver top-quality results thanks to our expert team.

We always complete our work to exemplary standards and have built a reputation as a local plumber for carrying out some of the best work in the region. Our loyal clients are happy to return to us repeatedly and many of our new customers come to us on the recommendation of someone else.

Taking Care of Chelmsford Plumbing Emergencies
24 Hour Plumbers on Call

Our services include a range of emergency plumbing & drainage repairs / diagnostics and bathroom / wet room design & installation services. In details:

Plumbing Services

Emergency or Diarised Plumbing Services in Chelmsford

Drainage Services

Emergency or Diarised Drainage Services in Chelmsford

Bathroom / Wet Room Design & Installation

Bespoke Design & Bathroom Installation

CCTV Drain Inspections

CCTV Drain Surveys & Inspections

Water Jetting Services

High Pressure Water Jetting Services

Drain (Re)Lining

Drain Lining & Patch Repairs

Plumbing emergency

ALK Plumbing is an emergency plumbing company that can help you in event of a plumbing emergency within two hours. Before we arrive to help you with your plumbing emergency here are some steps you can take to prevent damage while waiting.

We have gathered the most common plumbing emergencies that occur and the best way to proceed:


Blockages are the common emergency issue that we deal with, it is the least serious of plumbing emergencies as usually water can still pass through the pipes when blocked, however, you may experience rotten smells due to food or waste blockages. When a full blockage is experienced it can be very damaging and expensive to repair.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are the most serious of plumbing emergencies. If you suspect a gas leak then make sure you shut off your gas immediately until ALK arrives. After shutting off your gas, evacuate the household and make sure you do not smoke or use any electrical appliances while waiting for an emergency plumber.

We recommend opening all windows and doors then phone us. Do not turn on your gas supply until you are given the clear from a gas safe registered plumber.

Blocked Pipes

If you see signs of blockages including a toilet filling up with water when flushing, water draining slowly from your shower, bath or sink. Foul smells and gurgling noises from inside or outside drains you may have a blockage. We can help with any blockages and make sure they are cleared on that same day.

Frozen Pipes

When pipes are not lagged this can cause freezing. Frozen water will expand which always causes a pipe to burst.

During winter or cold weather pipes need insulation to prevent the risk of bursting. ALK Emergency Plumbers offers a full pipe insulation service to stop this from happening.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be very damaging to a household. Usually, a burst pipe is first noticed when you see water leaks from your ceiling or stains on the ceiling. Sometimes burst pipes will not be noticed and can build up a void which is a large blockage of water which will eventually burst, releasing a large amount of water causing a very high amount of damage.

If you find a leaking pipe we recommend to shut off your mains water supply straight away and call us, we can then assess the damage and give you a free quote for the repairs that may be needed.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous and the poisoning can kill. It is one of the most serious emergency plumbing issues we occur in Chelmsford. You should have multiple carbon monoxide detectors in your home in case of an emergency.

You can purchase these from local DIY stores or one of our fully qualified engineers can help supply and fit them for you. If your alarm goes off then you can call us and we will be with you instantly.

If any of your household experiences dizziness, headaches or confusion this could be carbon monoxide poisoning, leave your house immediately and do not re-enter until one of our carbon monoxide qualified plumbers have given you the all-safe.

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Why Choose ALK as Your Emergency Plumber in Chelmsford?

Experienced plumbers and drainage engineers in your area
Free call-outs, which saves you money
An honest, reliable and affordable service
24 Hour Plumbers / Emergency Plumbing Services
Gas Safe Registered Plumbers

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Are you looking for "plumbers near me"? Don't delay if you need 24 hour plumber in your home or business. Call out one of our expert plumbers today, and we'll be there when you need us. Get in touch by phone or email for a free quote and to discuss potential solutions to your problem. Our free phone number makes it quick and easy for you to contact us and restore the health of your plumbing.

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